Ang O’Neill

Specialty: Jazz & Fitness
Ang O’Neill

Miss Ang was born and raised in Brantford, ON . She took lessons at Vera Mitchell Burke from the age of 6 and always had a passion for the art of dance. When she moved to Simcoe she took a break from the dance world to focus on some of her other interests. She never stopped loving dance, the arts or music of any kind.

Miss Ang currently lives in Paris with her husband “Big Jake” and 3 amazing kids; Cameron, Jacob and Emily, all of which you will see around the studio regularly. Miss Ang is the proud owner of her own business “I’m Your Type” that offers medical transcription services for clinics in Canada and the US. She also teaches at the studio and brings the world of dance into fresh new little faces.

I met Miss Ang 5 years ago when a shy, bright eyed little Emily walked into my Kinder Mini class at the Paris Presbyterian Church. Miss Ang was so enthusiastic, she would have taken the class herself had she not had the boys with her. Miss Ang quickly joined our Adult Class and got her groove back :0) Miss Ang has been an integral part of the studio’s success ever since. She trained with me for an entire year to master our Kinder classes. Her enthusiasm and bright personality have been the perfect combination to excel as teacher and a mentor to our young students. Everyone loves Miss Ang!

From Miss Ang: “Sometimes I have to wonder … who is having more fun … the kids … or ME?!?! I love every minute I spend with the little ones teaching them my love of dance. SO much fun!!!”

We have had the pleasure of having Miss Ang teach our little ones for year now. We can’t wait to see what she’ll do with them this year and for many years to come!!