What’s Up This Week: November 25th DANCE INFO

What’s Up This Week: November 25th

Hello CORE Families,

Here’s What’s Up This Week!!

Our CORE Angel Tree is Ready!!

-if you would like to donate a new toy, our tree is ready
-we will be collecting gifts until Dec 11th
-CORE Angel labels are on the desk
-McMaster Children’s Hospital appreciates your support!

“Why Do You Love Dance?”

While taking attendance this week, I have been asking the kids why they love to dance. I have heard the most amazing things from “it’s fun”, “I like learning new things” to “I like making new friends” and “it makes me happy”. There are no wrong answer and all the answers were amazing! We are a small town studio with a big heart and I’m so glad the kids feel that. Taking this time when we take attendance is so important, it’s how we get to know your kids better!! Yes, sometimes we take a little longer with attendance, but it’s so important to the kids and to us 🙂

Parents Walking the Parade

-parents walking the parade route will be given a walking stick
-we have shown these sticks to the kids
-the kids know, if they have an issue, they should go to a parent with a walking stick

Dancers in Strollers or Wagons for the Parade

-bundle up warm!!
-feel free to decorate your strollers or wagons
-Santa hats would be super cute!!

Fundraising Pick Up Reminder

-Friday December 13th
-please make sure you can make it!!
-we do not have freezer space at the studio so PLEASE don’t forget to pick up your chicken
-popcorn will also be available for pick up on this day

Benefit for Bennett

One of our Dance Families needs our help!! Our little Julia’s baby brother was diagnosed with stage 4 Neuroblastoma which is a cancer of the nervous system. Upon his diagnosis two weeks ago he was admitted to McMaster and has since started chemo therapy. This is going to be a long journey for Bennett. There is a benefit for Bennett as his parents are staying with him at the hospital 24/7 which financially is going to put a strain on the family.

Friday December 13th

South Brant Legion
72 King St N Oakland, ON

If you cannot attend but would like to donate, you can send an E-Mail Transfers to benefitbennett@gmail.com


-please be respectful of all the parking signs in our lot
-no matter what time of day it is, it’s not ok to park in one of the outlined disability spots if you do not have the proper permit
-we have families that require these spots
-yes, the spots are located outside of Scott’s but the parking rules still apply when Scott’s is closed as far as the disability parking is concerned. I should have made that more clear when I outlined Scott’s hours
-thank you for your immediate attention to this matter

MEC Pink Jacket Mix Up

-If you have a Youth Size 2 Pink MEC jacket at home and should have an Infant 24 months Pink MEC jacket at home, please contact us ASAP
-there was a jacket mix up on Wed night

Have an amazing week CORE families!
Nicole & Your CORE Faculty