It’s Recital Week!

What’s Up This Week: Monday April 15th – Sunday April 21st

It’s Recital Week!!

Hello CORE Families,

It’s Almost RECITAL Time!!!!!!! I’m not sure who is more excited … the dancers or the teachers!!!

Recital Info Meetings

-thank you for attending these in-class meetings last week
-if you have any additional questions, please ask Jane or Sherry at the desk
-can’t wait to see all the dancers take the stage on Saturday!!
-the dancers have been working SO hard, the shows are going to be amazing!!

Parent Volunteers

-I will be sending a reminder e-mail to all the Parent Volunteers Monday
-here is a list of our amazing volunteers in Alpha order
Munchkin Parent Volunteers CLICK HERE
Full Show Parent Volunteers CLICK HERE

Recital Schedule

-Friday April 19th – Closed for Good Friday
-Saturday April 20th – The Big Day! (no dance classes running at CORE)
-Sunday April 21st – Closed for Easter Sunday
-Monday April 22nd – The 2nd Full Studio Show (no dance classes running at CORE)
-Tuesday April 23rd – Closed (no dance classes running at CORE)
-Wednesday April 24th – All Classes Resume as Scheduled

Classes Continue After the Recital

-Wed April 24th – Sat April 27th – Normal Classes
-regular classes continue until May 18th
-your tuition is based on 32 weeks of dance from Sept to May
-we do not offer refunds after February 1st
-May Tuition is not optional

Spring Free-for-All Schedule

-Mon April 29th – Spring Free-for-All Begins!!
-students should continue to attend their regular classes
-students are encouraged to try additional classes at no extra charge!
CLICK HERE for Spring Free-for-all Schedule
-only YELLOW classes are part of the free-for-all
-take as many classes as you like!!
-this is a GREAT way to see what the kids like for Season 12

Bring-A-Friend Week

-Mon April 29th – Sat May 4th
-bring your friends to dance with you!
-show your friends how to dance!!

This is such an exciting week!! So much still to come in Season 11!!

Please talk to Miss Sherry or Miss Jane at the front desk if you have any questions at all about the Munchkin Recital or the Full Studio Recitals!