Introducing the C.O.R.E Kids Give Back Club

C.O.R.E Kids Give Back … All the Time?!

Miss Ang and I have to say that the C.O.R.E Kids Give Back Day is our favourite day of the season! We were talking about it over the Christmas break and we were trying to figure out how to do community events all year long. I think we have come up with a really fun way!!

**Introducing the C.O.R.E Kids Give Back Club**
(A MUCH better name will be selected by the Club Members!!)

-recreational dancers
-friends and family
-non-core members are welcome
-ages 8(ish) to 14(ish)

-it’s basically a club
-we will do some fun fitness activities
-we will do some games
-we will do some crafts
-we will have guest speakers
-we will work on leadership and team building skills
-we will learn some super easy follow along dances
-we will learn about the needs of our community and how to fulfill those needs

-Friday nights from 6:30-7:15pm
-hoping to start Friday February 1st

-C.O.R.E Dance Project Inc
-eventually, various places around our amazing community

-we want to help people get involved
-we want to help our community
-we want to teach leadership and team building skills
-we want to perform at Nursing homes to bring a smile to people’s faces then stay to hang out and play games with the residents
-we want to give back!

**Want to know more?**
Join us on TONIGHT (Friday January 25th) from 6:30-7:00pm for more details. Oh, did we mention this is free to join?

Can’t wait to get this off the ground, come together as a club and help each other and our amazing community!
Nicole & Ang

Don’t worry Comp Team, we have not forgotten about you in this new adventure! You all ready do so many of the things listed above. We will be adding some things into your program as well. We know how appealing this will sound to you guys as well!!